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Up the Slope

From far away,
You see the horizon on the bay,
You move towards it,
As you don't like to just sit

You cross the hills,
Which crop up at will,
You navigate the river,
At which the ordinary would quiver

You stumble and fall,
But you don't give up,
You walk tall,
And face the slip up

You learn from the wise,
That life is not a game of dice,
You learn the trick,
That there are no tricks

You take the long road,
You know it's right,
As the seeds you sow,
Blossom with righteous might

But When you think,
Your journey is on the brink,
The great horizon on the bay,
Has just moved away

You start again,
You Take it slow,
Your Life has hope,
It makes you go,
All the way,
Up the slope.


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Great post! I wish you could follow up on this topic!

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